Scorpa present its new range of Twenty Trials models, the result of continued development at the Scorpa Factory. The 2016 models have received several major new features and modifications, the fruit of valuable information obtained through participation in the World Trials Championship.This has resulted in a significant evolution of this young line of trial motorcycles and provides improved performance at all levels: increased overall performance, strength and safety. In this the second version since Scorpa started marketing the Twenty range, the 2016 models represent the strong position they occupy in the world wide trials bike market.



The 125 cc. is the smallest of the Scorpa Twenty range. Young people can start their riding career on practically the same bike as the larger displacement professional model.

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The 250 and 300 models are the main showcase of the Scorpa Twenty range. The 250 is no doubt the favorite of the trial enthusiasts because of its excellent performance and the exceptional engine.

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The 300 is the queen. Preferred by professional riders, it is the one used in World Championships and during the most important races. The brawny engine demonstrates the ability to perform in the most demanding competitions.

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