2018 Brochure

Accessory Catalog

Step 1

Wash bike thoroughly

Step 2

Remove rear fender and fuel tank, then dry bike with compressed air, especially:

•Front and rear brake calipers/pads

•Rear brake pedal linkage pivot points

•Rear suspension linkage pivot points

•Chain tensioner pivot points

•Electricals (coil, wiring, etc.)



•Kick starter pivot point

•Gearshift head pivot point

•All exposed allen-head bolts (especially front engine mount bolt)

•Handlebar and triple-clamp bolts

•Handlebar lever perches

•Throttle tube interface to handlebar

•Kill switch

•Foot peg pivot points

•Fork seal area

•Front axle and bolts

•Rear axle and axle nut

Step 3

Change oil

Step 4

Remove and thoroughly clean air box; blow dry with compressed air


Step 5

Remove and clean carburetor internal parts

Step 6

Clean and oil air filter; have spare filter cleaned and oiled in plastic bag for 2nd competition day

Step 7

Lube and adjust chain

Step 8

Check coolant level; refill as necessary

Step 9

Release air pressure from front fork breather caps

Step 10

Remove, clean, and grease front brake and clutch levers and perches

Step 11

Remove, clean, and lube throttle tube assembly

Step 12

Lube with WD40:

•Foot peg pivot points (must pivot freely)

•Gear shifter lever head pivot point

•Chain tensioner pivot point

•Rear brake pedal linkage pivot points

•Kick starter pivot point

Step 13

Check bolt tightness on all bolts, front to back, especially:

•Rear sprocket bolts

•Rear suspension linkage bolts (repack dog-bone bearings every 6 months)

•Rear disc bolts

•Swing arm bolt

•Front and rear engine mount bolts

•Front fork brace

•Triple clamp bolts

•Handlebar clamp bolts

•Header pipe bolts

•Silencer bolts

•Lever perch bolts

•Front brake caliper bolts

•Front disc bolts

Step 14

Inspect and replace or repair any damaged or excessively worn parts, especially:

•Sponsor stickers



•Foot pegs


•Fenders and other plastics

•Tires (no leaks; sufficient tread for full weekend of competition)

•Correct cable placement (no binding or worn throttle, clutch, brake cables)

Step 15

Ride the bike for 10 minutes to confirm every component functions correctly, especially:

•Engine/Carburetor runs cleanly throughout rev range

•Fan turns on when motor warms up


•Kill switch


Use any high quality 93 Octane Pump Gas


•Use high quality synthetic two-stroke oil mixed at 80:1 (1.6 ounces of oil per gallon of gas) we use and recommend Maxima Formula K2.

•Use high quality motorcycle transmission oil, we use and recommend Maxima MTL 2-Cycle Transmission Lube 75wt.

Spark Plug Gap

The bike comes from the factory with an NGK - BP5ES; we have found that this plug works great. The gap should be set at .020 (.50mm).


The air filter needs to be kept clean; riding conditions will determine how often it is cleaned. Use high quality motorcycle foam air filter cleaning fluid to clean the filter and high quality motorcycle foam air filter oil on the filter. Follow the manufacturerÂ’s instructions on how to clean and oil the filter. We use and recommend Maxima air filter cleaner and air filter oil. We suggest that you protect the air filter when you wash the bike. -Never start the bike immediately after it has been washed, always check the air filter and the airbox prior to starting in order to make sure that water has not entered the filter/airbox.

Jets & Carburetor

The factory has equipped the carburetor with 30 & 33 pilot jets along with 124 & 126 main jets. For sea level in North America we suggest that you start with a 36 pilot and a 118 main jet. Altitude, temperature and humidity can have an effect on carburetion. Check with your local dealer for what works best in your area. The float level should be set at 18.5 mm, the gas screw should be set at around 4 turns out, this will have to be adjusted for the individual operating conditions. (Turning the screw out, counterclockwise richens the idle/slow speed mixture).


The front and rear spokes should be checked initially and after the first hour of operation. Adjust as required; they need to be checked on a regular basis, especially during the break-in period. -If you have any questions about any of these items please contact your local dealer or Ryan Young Products at 800-607-8742 or